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Yoni Ryan is now associate professor in higher education and deputy director of the Centre for Learning and Teaching Support at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Formerly she was a core member of the Queensland University of Technology research team for the Australian report The Business of Borderless Education in 2000, and shortly after undertook the study on the e-university. She has in the interim conducted a number of government-policy investigations into globalised education markets, at schools, VET and university levels, in addition to research into tertiary teaching de-velopment.

She has extensive experience in staff development, and educational design and devel-opment with new technologies, at various universities in Australia and the Pacific. Recent publications include “Teaching and Learning in the Global Era”, in The Uni-versity in the Global Era and, with Glen Farrell and Andrea Hope, “Globalisation”, in Policy for Open and Distance Learning (volume 4 of the World Review of Distance Education and Open Learning series).

She is listed as Director of the Learning and Teaching Centre at the Australian Catholic University (ACU).

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