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Wojciech Zielinski is a Secretary of The Association of Academic E-learning in Poland and the President of the Board of MakoLab S.A. - a company specializing in web applications for business and higher education. From 2002 to the end of February 2008, he was Pro Vice Chancellor for Information Systems (CIO) at The Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz (AHE) - the biggest private higher education institution in Poland.

Mr. Zielinski is a co-author and a co-organiser of the Polish Virtual University (PVU) – the biggest e-learning project in the Polish higher education system initiated at the beginning of 2002. He created and managed the team of highly specialised professionals who supported the AHE in the methodology of online teaching, e-course development, e-learning technological platform as well as all administration issues concerning learning on the Internet. On the PVU platform, AHE provided 7 on-line programmes and several hundred e-learning courses, which supported traditional learning or were offered as separate courses available on the Internet.

Mr. Zielinski is a member of Steering Committee of “Quality Criteria for Internet Course” project realized by The Association of Academic E-learning. He is also the co-author of proposals of legal regulations worked out by the Association and concerning e-learning in Polish higher education system.

Mr. Zielinski is a member of the Editorial Board of elearningpapers.eu and is invited as an expert in technology enhanced learning (TEL) projects. Mr. Zielinski's main field of interest is the value of information technology in higher education. He is an author and co-author of many articles and conference presentations concerning these issues with a particular focus on TEL.

He is also a member of the Re.ViCa International Advisory Committee (IAC)

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