Wilfried Hendricks

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Professor Hendricks who heads the IBI - Institut für Bildung in der Informationsgesellschaft e.V. (Institute for Education in the Information Society) has extensive experience in the field of "information and communication technology in education", particularly in Germany. He has managed and led many research and development projects, concerning schools, universities and companies as well as the spheres of private learning. (e.g. the project "Tele Student" at the TUB to test the possibilities and risks of tele-learning and tele-groupworking under normal conditions of university life, (1997-99).

He has been a political adviser in Lower Saxony and Berlin since the early 1980's. (f. ex. He is co-author of the feasibility study “berlin univers”, ordered by the Berlin Ministry of Trade and Commerce (1999). This study shows possibilities and consequences when using digital media and tools for academic teaching and learning.). Since 2004 he has led the project “Innovative Ganztagsschule” (Innovative Full-Day School), which supports innovation within schools regarding the use of new media for teaching and learning. This project is funded by Microsoft Germany as part of its programme “Innovative Teachers”.

He is the inventor and organizer of the "Deutsche Bildungssoftware Preis digita" (German Educational Software Award), given annually at the Bildungsmesse (Educational Fair). From 1996 to 2000 he was advisor of the Lower-Saxonian Ministry of Education in questions of "Education and EXPO 2000" in general and with particular consideration of information technologies. He directed the evaluation of the Intel Project “Teach to the future” in Germany (2001-2003).

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