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The following wikis on related topics may be of interest to the audience interested in this wiki. Unless stated otherwise, all wikis use the same MediaWiki software that is used by the HE Academy wiki.

  1. The EduTech wiki run by the University of Geneva has a large number of definitions of useful terms and concepts in e-learning.
  2. The OER wiki run by the International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP) in UNESCO has useful coverage of concepts and projects in the area of Open Educational Resources.
  3. The eMM wiki run by Dr Stephen Marshall of the Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand) is the repository for the evolving e-Maturity Model (eMM) methodology for benchmarking e-learning. (It is expected that some other methodologies will follow suit.)
  4. The Sloan-C wiki is full of useful Effective Practices and articles (mostly from JALN)
  5. The Re.ViCa wiki, with a global gazetteer of major e-learning university initiatives, is currently private but is planned to go onto limited release from summer 2008. Contact Paul Bacsich for further information. Note that the project name requires careful spelling - it is not Revica or Re.Vica.
  6. The SimTeach wiki covers education in Multi-User Virtual Environments - see also its interesting "subwiki" on Second Life (thanks to Stephen Downes's blog for this information)
  7. Wikipedia itself contains many articles on e-learning topics.
  8. Northumbria University runs the NUBE wiki (with integral blog) to assist with its benchmarking activity.
  9. Oxford Brookes University run an enterprise wiki Confluence with their own software to assist with Benchmarking and Pathfinder activity. (Several other HEIs are running wikis in this way, on a smaller and/or more private scale.)

Finally, although it is a web site and blog but not actually a wiki it is worth mentioning the new EU reports on Megatrends in e-learning provision which include mini case studies on the University of Leicester, University of Ulster, Staffordshire University and Manchester Metropolitan University as well as of course the OU.

In addition to these, it is known that various agencies and associations including ALT, Becta and EDUCAUSE are experimenting with wikis.

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