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Wetzlar is a City located at 50° 33' 32" N, 8° 30' 29" E.

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The city of Wetzlar, located in the state of Hesse, Germany, is a former Free imperial city that owed much of its fame to being the seat of the Imperial Supreme Court (Reichskammergericht) of the Holy Roman Empire. Wetzlar straddles the river Lahn and is on the German Timber-Frame Road which passes mile upon mile of half-timbered houses. The city is known for its ancient town and its medieval cathedral. It has a population of 51,135.

Facts about "Wetzlar"RDF feed
Has coordinates50° 33' 32" N, 8° 30' 29" ELatitude: 50.5589802
Longitude: 8.5081646
Has location typeCity +
Has population51,135 +