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WashingtonOnline (WAOL) supports online and hybrid education across colleges in the state of Washington, US (in the pacific northwest).

Partnerships between participating WAOL colleges offer online students in Washington State access to a diverse online learning experience.

The mission of WashingtonOnline is:

To facilitate new collaborations among colleges in order to improve the educational system of Washington state for students who would otherwise not have educational opportunities.
Under the management of the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges, WashingtonOnline will increase capacity and access to anytime anywhere learning through online delivery, support online learners by providing comprehensive online student services, support colleges offering online instruction, and support faculty and staff who serve online learners. Using modern technology, WAOL continually develops systems of coordination and services.

A recent WCET report estimates approximately 50,000 student enrollments annually in classrooms supported by WAOL.


As noted on the WAOL web site, the group was formed in 1997 when the presidents of Washington's community and technical colleges approved an expenditure for the 1997-99 biennium to develop and centrally offer 20 AA [Associate's] transfer degree courses under a program dubbed WashingtonOnline.

Washington State's 34 independently governed colleges, building upon a history of working together, joined with the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges and the TLT Flashlight Project in 1999 to form the Washington Learning Anytime Anywhere Partnership.

WashingtonOnline's main office is in Spokane, Washington, US.

The WashingtonOnline web site is at http://www.waol.org/index.aspx

More details

Courses are delivered via the ANGEL learning management suite.

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