Walter Kugemann

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Prof. Walter Kugemann was previously the Head of FIM NewLearning University Erlangen-Nuremberg, also lecturing at Erlangen University on Instructional Psychology, Learning Competence, Instructional Multimedia, Learning Systems and Implementation and Evaluation methodology. learning system design & assessment, educational technology, quality management in educational systems, elearning concepts, educational systems meta research;

He has been coordinating/main contributions to about 40 regional/national projects; since 1986 about 50 EU/international projects; Books, articles, planning papers, policy papers.

He has also been consultant expert for International and European Institutions, national/regional bodies, Industries and Industrial Associations, German and Bavarian authorities, invited speaker at national and international congresses and seminars, author of several books on 'Study techniques' and 'Improving learners competence', scientific publications, Coordinator of implementation of the ‘Bavarian Virtual University’.

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