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The Virtual Learning Centre (Ontario) was created by the Trillium Lakelands District School Board and has been operating since 1997. The VLC is a partner of both the Ministry of Education and eLearning Ontario.

Its website is

See also the VLCs spin-off the Open School Ontario.

Further information

The TLDSB Director's Annual Report 2010 states that there were 1,787 online credits granted through the VLC.

VLCs courses blend "...synchronous, streamed communication with the flexibility of static, anywhere-anytime course content." VLC reports that attrition rates are under 20%. The programme is predicated on student-teacher interaction and students are encouraged to adhere to timetabling and schedules, and to attend web-meetings.

Whilst there are some self-paced courses available to grades 11 and 12 most require 'attendance' (not necessarily physical attendance) at scheduled 'classes' and follow a semester model.

Residents of Ontario are eligible to take online courses at no charge. However, those in full-time attendance at a publicly funded Ontario secondary school, have to make arrangements with the home school to take courses with the VLC. Where the home schools is already collecting the full Ontario grant for the student it must be willing to share a portion of this grant with the VLC. Those outside of Ontario, pay a tuition fee to take courses. Residents of the Province of Ontario, not enrolled full-time in a publicly funded institution, are not usually charged a tuition fee.


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