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Virtual High School (Ontario) - VHS - is an accredited private school in the Province of Ontario (BSID#665681). VHS has an extensive track record of delivering Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credit courses to thousands of high school students. VHS is open for any student of any age. Students may be home-schooled students, adults or post-secondary students. VHS students access their courses from the comfort of their own home anywhere in the world. Just an Internet connection and a computer are required. All courses are 100% online, even the final exam.

VHS published its first internet course (Biology) in the fall of 1995, for a class of 23 students. In the spring of 1996, its second course, Canadian Literature, was also posted to the internet and won the second place at the 1997 North American Web Conference (NAWEB) Award for online course development. VHS courses adhere strictly to the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum standards. VHS is inspected every two years to ensure compliance with the standards of the Ontario Ministry of Education. Such compliance, allows VHS the capacity of granting Ontario Secondary School credits which can lead to an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

VHS provides a variety of tools that allow students to have a better approach to education. It contains its own calendar with time table, a virtual locker, an e-portfolio and a variety e-tools. The website contains student and teacher spotlights and it contains full educational information that serves useful for students.

VHS currently has about 3000 students per year, all of whom pay tuition for the right to take the online courses. There are currently 60 fully online courses. There are no semesters as students may enroll at any point in time, move through their courses at their own pace and graduate from their course at any point in time. All courses run under the Desire2Learn course management system.

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