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The Utah eLearning Connection (UEC) was a Utah System of Higher Education service meant to support students who sought to take classes from different public colleges in Utah, US, at the same time. As of June 2009, however, it has been disbanded.

Per a recent Chronicle of Higher Education article, the decade-old consortium didn’t grant degrees, but it served as a central broker where students could access online courses offered by 10 public colleges in Utah through one application and one registration site.

At one time, hundreds of distance learning courses were delivered via UEC. Courses were delivered online, broadcast over TV, on CD, in print, or via satellite and interactive teleconferencing.

The admission and registration services performed by the Utah eLearning Connection were terminated as of June 30, 2009.

Responsibility for management of former UEC students has been transferred to "designated home colleges".

The Utah eLearning Connection's main office was in Salt Lake City, Utah, US.

The Utah eLearning Connection web site is still at http://www.uec.org/

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