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The Utah Higher Education Consortium (UHEC) supports lifelong learning in the state of Utah, US.

Established in 2006, UHEC is an alliance of universities and colleges designed to meet the educational needs of adult learners in the Utah community. Per the UHEC web site:

UHEC is comprised of regionally accredited colleges and universities working in collaboration with corporations and community organizations to increase awareness of higher education opportunities in the State of Utah.
The Utah Higher Education Consortium will promote, organize, and schedule education fairs for employers and employees of local businesses and members of community organizations. We are committed to assisting adult learners identify programs which are best suited in meeting their educational goals and scheduling requirements. Students will be able to choose between on-line, off-campus corporate settings, traditional and non-traditional accelerated programs.

Participating institutions are:

The Utah Higher Education Consortium main office is in Utah, US.

The UHEC web site is at http://utahhec.org/

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