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The University of the Aegean is considered the first Greek University to fully utilise Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in everyday activities, thus implementing the Information Society in Hellenic higher education.

The University of the Aegean is a multi-campus university based in Mytilene, Greece. It was founded in 1984 and comprises five geographically dispersed campuses, serving roughly 12,000 students.

The University of Aegean has connected to its constituent campuses through the Aegean-net all-university units in different islands on the Aegean Sea, i.e. the islands of Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Rhodes.

The Aegean-net project offers the proper infrastructure and know-how to these remote geographically locations, for research and educational purposes.

The University of the Aegean considers e-learning a competitive advantage and a powerful means of achieving its strategic institutional goals of improving the learning environment, recruiting and retaining unparalleled faculty, and attracting high-achieving students. WebCT Vista was selected following a rigorous evaluation process carried out by a university committee comprised of faculty members, support professionals and IT staff.

There is also a Web community named MyAegean, the initiative was based on elements of communication, entertaiment and information. There are several tools like forum discussions, on-line magazines, chat, personal messages, audio-visual materials etc. All of this utilities help the students to keep in touch through the islands and link them. Is an important point of meeting for old graduates, undergraduates, postgraduate, teachers, staff, stakeholders etc. They can share courses information, experiences, and entertaiment information.

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