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The University of Urbino "Carlo Bo" (Università degli Studi di Urbino "Carlo Bo", UNIURB) supports blended learning. It is difficult to locate information about the university in English.

UNIURB is located in Urbino, in the northeastern part of central Italy. Founded in 1506, the university has roughly 20,000 students, many of whom are from overseas. The university has no central campus as such, and instead occupies numerous buildings throughout the town and in the surrounding countryside.

The University of Urbino has traditionally given precedence to studies in the humanities, and the Italian language in particular. In recent years it is said to have suffered economic difficulties, and to be in the process of becoming state-owned.

The University of Urbino "Carlo Bo" web site is at

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Per a recent publication:

UrbinoWireless Campus (UWiC) is an open wireless access network promoted and implemented by the University of Urbino, in Italy, to virtually extend the University campus over the Montefeltro region, while providing also a significant contribution to bridge the digital divide and promote the widespread diffusion of online services and applications.
... [it is] co-financed by the Italian Prime Minister’s Office and supported by many partners, aimed at promoting the creation of a region-wide wireless campus with two main purposes: First, making university services (distance learning, registrar’s office, electronic libraries, internet browsing, computational resources, ...) available to students from the entire Montefeltro region, thus fulfilling the vision of a region-wide campus; Second, creating a shared infrastructure providing wireless connetivity to citizens and visitors as well.

See also these 2007 slides for more information.

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