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The University of Ulster (previously shortened to UU; Irish: Ollscoil Uladh, Ulster Scots: Universitie o Ulstèr or Varsitie o Ulster) is a multi-campus, co-educational university located in Northern Ireland. It is the largest single university in Ireland, discounting the federal National University of Ireland.

The university was established in 1968 as the New University of Ulster and can trace its roots back to 1845 when Magee College was established in Londonderry and 1849, when the School of Art and Design was inaugurated in Belfast. The university incorporated its four campuses in 1984 under the University of Ulster banner; these are located in Belfast, Coleraine (site of the administrative headquarters), Magee College in Londonderry, and Jordanstown. A fifth distance learning campus, Campus One, delivers online programmes; mainly at graduate level.

Campus One

The University of Ulster has a large virtual campus operation called Campus One. Campus One currently provides distance learning programmes for more than 10,000 students, including over 1,500 fully online postgraduate level students.

Its web site is

The main University web site is On this one can find that the university had 24,654 students in 2005-06 of which 1,112 were Distance Learning Students. Thus 4.5% of all students are distance learning students and so the university comfortably passed the threshold of being a "major e-learning initiative" - and numbers have clearly grown since then.

At around 24,000 students it is medium-sized in UK terms. It is located in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.

The University employs over 3500 staff, has an annual turnover in excess of £120 million and has embarked on a development programme of £200 million over the next 10 years.


This institution/programme was discussed as a case study in the Megatrends project in its second report, Megaproviders of e-learning in Europe (PDF - 212 pages - EN), 2007 (ISBN 978 82 562 88184).

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