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The University of Piraeus supports a number of WWW course tools, through its Network Center.

It is located in Piraeus, Greece and was founded in 1938. It hosts roughly 8000 undergraduates and 1500 postgraduates.

In 1966, it became a public university. Academics focus on the fields of economics, business administration, statistics and insurance science, financial management and banking, industrial management, maritime studies, International and European studies, informatics and digital systems. The University is also home to theUniversity of Piraeus Research Center (UPRC) which participates in technological research on an international level.

Courses are provided through an asynchronous distance learning environment.

The Computer Centre of the University of Piraeus aims at facilitating the educational, administrative and research work of the University. Students of all departments are having Computer Science courses and practice in four fully equipped laboratories at the Computer Center with 85 workstations.

It should be specially mentioned that modern office automation computer systems and desktop publishing applications are extensively used by the academic and administrative staff thus providing high level services.

Most of the research projects are supported by the University Central Computer system (DEC 5810 Risk) in which there have been installed many Relational Data Base Management Systems, programs for economics and statistical analysis, expert systems, computer language compilers etc. This main system is connected through the Ethernet Network with Unix Workstations over 200 PC’s used in education, 50 Apple Macintosh systems for office automatic projects and other special devices such aw plotters, scanners etc.

The Computer Center also provides communication facilities with other Universities, Institutions and Research Centers all over Greece and abroad, mainly through its Internet Server System DEC Alpha 1000. The Network Management Centre (NMC) of the University of Piraeus is located in its central building and is responsible for:

  • The management of the data and voice network
  • The design, implementation and evolution of the University network System and user support
  • The provision of teleconference services
  • The provision of internet and web (www) services
  • The provision of dial-up access services

The University continually invests on improving its network structure using up-to-date technologies and on developing telematic applications for teaching and research purposes.

The University of Piraeus web site is at

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