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Template:SimilarName The University of Ostrava (Ostravská univerzita v Ostravě, OSU) supports e-learning.

The HEI’s main office is in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

OSU was founded in 1991. It has over 9000 students and 600 staff.

Right now, the site lists that its Centre of Information Technologies (CIT) provides students with information system of study agenda (STAG), web mail through Novell net, portal, and they link to OUPortal (Moodle) as their form of e-learning.

Virtual University

University of Ostrava (OSU) previously used the term Virtual University and provided e-Learning also specialised for students with disabilities in the past, as the article below shows:

“The University of Ostrava opens a project of building up the Virtual University and providing distance education by means of online learning. Environments for the creation of the training courses ToolBook II Instructor by the company Click2learn have been bought from grants; administration of the studies is secured in Tutor 2000 environment and this all runs on a Dell server. Currently a team of specialists, who will participate in the creation of courses and administrative-technical provision of the teaching, is being created in the Centre of Information Technologies.”
Source: The eLearning industry and market in Europe, Lot 1, Appendix to Synthesis Report (PDF - EN - 214 pages by Danish Technological Institute, Competence and IT/Analyses (Relevant Introduction (PDF -EN - 43 pages)

The University of Ostrava web site is at

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