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The University of Miskolc supports tradictional learning and distance learning in the field of Economics.

In 1998 with the support of PHARE, the Northern Hungarian Regional Distance Education Centre was established as the methodological and international background institution of the faculty and departmental educational units of the University of Miskolc. This had a positive influence on the modernization of training programs, effectiveness, and expansion of offers within the scope of the University of Miskolc.

The University has a separate eLearning unit and eLearning is predominantly centralised in the Institution. The applied system is user-friendly and today’s student generaly can use it without too much support. ELearning is most often applied at the entrance level.

There are classroom based and web-based training available for teaching staff responsible for conducting eLearning classes and for learners to become proficient with the technology used to support the eLearning environment. Faculty members are provided with quick and personal support, which is provided immediately by the respective eLearning staff. ELearning course/programmes are developed in partial accordance with the European Credit Transfer System ‘Information Package/Course Catalogue’ checklist and transfer. The majority of eLearning activities are connected to “blended” learning, where review is performed in a traditional way.

Besides the continuous, personal or electronic consultation possibilities, the curriculum developers can gain access to significant methodological work and to a collection of sample courses in the library. The development of the different curriculum takes place within the project’s framework. The Institution does not have a defined eLearning Strategy.

The University is located in the city of Miskolc, in the north-eastern part of Hungary. The Miskolc University has 15,000 students, 800 lecturers and 1,200 other staff. The University consists of three technical faculties and three faculties of the humanities.

Several web site are of interest refering to the University of Miskolc:

University of Miskolc also does the following interesting project:

  • Virtual Campus for Digital Students (ViCaDiS)

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