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The University of Ioannina supports an Open and Distance Learning Centre in conjunction with Fernuniversitat Hagen.

The campus is located in Ioannina, Greece, and in 2006 hosted over 20,000 students across 17 faculties. The university was founded in 1964, as a department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; it became a university in 1970. There is a prominent medical school that performs research and provides doctors to the local University Hospital.

The Computer and Media Centre organises all computer services for teaching and research operations and administers the campus-wide network, which includes access to global computer networks.

There are also facilities provided by the Media & Documentation Centre that include a variety of production capacities as well as archive materials in the field of audio-visual media. Among these is a fully equipped broadcasting studio, equipment for electronic editing, and video producing, and a photo lab. Besides lecturers, students do have access to all facilities if they work on supervised projects.

In the University of Ioannina there is also an Open and Distance Learning Centre: as a regional office of the Fernuniversitat Hagen, the Centre gives support to students who are enrolled at the Open University by supervising their studies and preparing for exams. A stock of self-learning material (print and audio-visual media) is available to both Fernuniversität Hagen and University of Lueneburg students.

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