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The University of Granada (Universidad de Granada) has supported e-learning and blended learning since 1995, through its Virtual Learning Center (CEVUG, or Centro de Enseñanzas Virtuales de la Universidad de Granada - see report cited below).

The university has participated in numerous international e-learning initiatives, as well as actively furthered the use of e-learning within its own walls. According to the undated (c.2006) report cited below, the university has boasted over 4,000 "virtual learners".

The university as a whole has 88,000 students and over 3,400 staff members. It was founded in 1531.

Learners may also take courses through the Campus Virtual Andaluz.

The university is located in Grenada, Andalusia, Spain.

The University of Granada web site is at

The CEVUG web site is at

University of Granada is a member of EFQUEL.


See this c.2006 report on e-Learning at the university.

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