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The University of Bahrain (UOB) supports online course delivery. e-Learning services are provided by the Zain eLearning Centre, which was established in accordance with a University Council decision on 8 May 2004.

The university was founded in 1986, and its main campus is in Sakhir, Bahrain. The King of Bahrain is the "Supreme President" of the university.

More details

Throughout the University of Bahrain the Zain Centre provides support for:

Academic Services:

  • Transformation of regular textual courses into electronic courses.
  • Offering some courses on line.
  • Drafting a framework and laying out some conditions in accordance with the quality control and academic accreditation criteria.

Technical Support:

The Center provides all physical and technical support for all departments and staff wishing to transform their traditional courses into electronic courses.

Training and Workshops:

The e-Learning Center will organize a number of training courses and workshops to prepare the academic community at the University to interact with e-Learning and to equip them with necessary skills. The Center will offer these courses:

  • Course Instructional Design
  • A Course on Using WebCT
  • Using Multimedia in Course Design
  • Transformation of Textual Courses into On-Line Courses

[An] Awareness Campaign:

The Center will wage an awareness campaign on e-Learning in Higher Education and will observe impact of such education on society. A number of lectures, seminars and conferences will be organized with participants from specialists in this field at the local, regional and international levels.

Consultation Services:

The Center will provide consultation services for all departments and colleges regarding the transformation of textual and traditional courses into electronic courses and all related issues.

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