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Founded in the 15th century, then closed for nearly 200 years, Universite de Nantes reopened in 1962 and went on to become one of the top French universities. With its history and its dynamism, the University is ready to face the challenge of international competition. Today, Universite de Nantes is one of France's top multidisciplinary universities. It is located in an attractive area boasting strong economic and demographic growth over the past two decades. The University has campuses in Nantes, Saint-Nazaire and La Roche-sur-Yon. Nearly 90% of the students study at the campus in Nantes, the 6th largest city in France, located on the Loire estuary some 30 miles from the Atlantic coast and two hours from Paris.

For details see http://www.univ-nantes.fr/ocw

The initiative is headquartered in Nantes, which is in France, in the region of Pays-de-la-Loire.
The initiative is led by University of Nantes.
Latitude and longitude = 47° 14' 45" N, 1° 33' 7" W

ISCED levels = 5; 6
The initiative is of type OER
The hashtag is unantesfroec

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