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Universitat de Girona, the University of Girona, is a public institution that pursues teaching and research excellence and participates in social progress and development through the creation, transmission, dissemination and criticism of knowledge in the sciences, technical fields, the humanities, the social sciences and letters. The University of Girona is well rooted in the Catalonia and its culture and is one of the primary economic and cultural driving forces in the region. At the same time, it has a vocation for universality and openness to all traditions and cultures and for further progress. The University is located in the city of Girona and is a member of the Catalan public university system. It stands out for its adaptation to the European Higher Education Area, an effort which received special recognition in the institutional evaluation carried out by the EUA during the second semester of 2006.

For details see http://www.udg.edu/ocw/

The initiative is headquartered in Girona, which is in Spain, in the region of Catalonia.
The initiative is led by University of Girona.
Latitude and longitude = 41° 58' 2" N, 2° 50' 13" E

ISCED levels = 5; 6
The initiative is of type OER
The hashtag is udgesoec

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