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Université Nancy 2 was a humanities university. It is now integrated in the region-wide Université de Lorraine which, launched in January 2012, federates the 4 higher education institutions in the Lorraine region and covers all disciplinary areas.

Vidéoscop was the audiovisual and multimedia production department of the Université Nancy 2 component of Université de Lorraine. Created in 1978, the unit's main remit was to develop innovative ICT and media-based solutions to support learning, science mediation and the valorisation of research. The highly-skilled team includes academics and project managers, who collaborate with professionals in audiovisual and multimedia production and external experts on a project basis. Vidéoscop was a key player at local, regional, national and international level, with considerable experience as both coordinator and partner in transnational projects under various programmes including eLearning, Socrates, Leonardo da Vinci, Lifelong Learning, Framework Programmes and INTERREG. Themes developed within these projects included digital audio and video in education, preparing universities for the next generation (the net generation) of students, virtual training in glass art, ICT for senior citizens, and self-evaluation of quality in technology-enhanced learning.

At the national level in France, Vidéoscop participated in a number of thematic digital universities, whereby consortia of higher education institutions share and pool digital resources for the benefit of teaching staff and learners. In particular, Vidéoscop was instrumental in drawing up a methodology for the pooling process, with a set of operational criteria for assessing both the quality and the re-usability of resources.

The Université de Lorraine via the former Vidéoscop team is responsible for WP 7 quality assurance and evaluation, but also contributing its knowledge and expertise in the field of Lifelong Learning project management and evaluation. It also contributes to the creation of reports and the dissemination of the project's activity and results in France.

As a partner in POERUP, Vidéoscop/Université de Lorraine applies the same high standards as those for projects which it coordinates (such as intermediate milestones, analytical accounting enabling precise and regular reporting, motivation and leadership techniques).