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The University of Puerto Rico - an 11-campus system with over 60,000 students - is the premier institution of higher learning, and the only comprehensive doctoral university in the Island, according to the Carnegie Foundation classification of colleges and universities. It offers 494 different degrees, including 26 PhD programs; 17 of them in science and technology. The percentage of graduate degrees conferred in science, technology and engineering surpasses the corresponding figures for the United States. It grants 16 per cent of all degrees in science and technology received by Hispanics. The College of Engineering ranks 9th in graduating engineers in the United States, 1st in graduating Hispanics and 2nd in graduating women. The University is currently engaged on the largest infrastructure expansion of its history, adding 1,983,000 square feet of quality research and training facilities. The Rio Piedras Campus ranked fouth in external funds received for research in chemistry in all of the United States.

For details see http://www.ocwupr.org:8080/ocw

The initiative is headquartered in San Juan, which is in Puerto Rico, in the region of Puerto Rico Region.
The initiative is led by Universidad de Puerto Rico.
Latitude and longitude = 18° 24' 10" N, 66° 3' 0" W

ISCED levels = 5; 6
The initiative is of type OER
The hashtag is upreduoec

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