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The Universidad de Guadalajara (University of Guadalajara) is over 200 years old. It now offers more than 400 online courses.

It is an autonomous public university with roughly 200,000 student enrolled. It has 16 campuses throughout the state of Jalisco, Mexico, six of which are in the Guadalajara metropolitan area. One of these campuses is the Virtual University System, UDGVirtual, launched in 2005.

The Universidad de Guadalajara web site is at http://www.udg.mx/content.php?id_categoria=71

This university is in an association of universities called Asociación de Universidades Latinoamericanas (AULA) or Association of Latin American Universities, the main project that AULA is developing is called Campus Virtual Latinoamericano (CAVILA) or virtual Latin American Campus.

Distance learning - UDGVirtual - and VLEs

They use these tools in the virtual university: Moodle and AVA (Ambiente Virtual de Aprendizaje or Virtual Learning Environment), of which AVA is more important.

Currently, they offer educational programs and online courses for more than 5,000 students. On the other hand, they use videoconferencing for attention to their students and advisers.

Through its Virtual University division, it offers an increasing number of online courses, for example a Master's in e-learning in a blended format.


Slides from a Seminar by Dr. Rafael Morales may be available shortly.

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