Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras

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The Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (National Autonomous University of Honduras, UNAH) supports e-learning.

UNAH was founded in 1847 and is the national public university of Honduras.

The institution’s main office is in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, the capital, which is home to the university's Medical School hospital and campus. Other major campuses include the San Pedro Sula Campus, the Comayagua Campus and the La Ceiba Campus.

It is currently the largest university in Honduras in terms of student enrollment - and one of the largest university systems in Central America. According to its documents, it has 73,292 registered students.

Its web site is at http://www.unah.edu.hn

Virtual Campus

The Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras has a substantial Virtual Campus programme - see http://www.campusvirtual.unah.edu.hn/moodle/ (Spanish). It is a Moodle platform.

More details

By constitutional mandate, the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras "enjoys the exclusive right to organize, lead and develop the higher and vocational education. In the spirit of this mandate the Law on Higher Education (Decree No.142-89 of the National Congress) was issued, which states that "The organization, management and development of higher education level is in charge of the National Autonomous University Honduras, by the following bodies:

  1. Claustro Pleno Universitario, University Faculty House
  2. Consejo de Educación Superior, Council for Higher Education
  3. Consejo Técnico Consultivo, Technical Advisory Council
  4. Dirección de Educación Superior, Directorate of Higher Education

It therefore manages the Dirección de Educación Superior (Directorate of Higher Education) which is the executive body of the resolutions of the Council of Higher Education.


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