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UNIEDPA (the Inter-American Distance Education University of Panama; the Inter-American Distance Learning University of Panama; Spanish: Universidad Interamericana de Educación a Distancia) supports:

  • Face to face: direct interaction between the participant and the teacher in an atmosphere of the University.
  • Distance or blended:through studies which monitored the implementation of activities by the participant, individually and in groups.
  • Online learning:which is characterized by independent learning with a greater emphasis on self-management.

There does not seem to be a single agreed-upon English translation of the Spanish name.

They offer different kind of studies, Bachelor programes, in two different fields: teaching or Accounting/administrative 19 in total and 22 postdegree programs. In both kind of studies you can learn through the three methods discussed previously.

To study they offer different media aviable such as VLE, telephone, fax, email, personal interviews, individual or group meetings. Supporting material or text, is the main resource for learning, a printed material for all kinds of studies.

The assesment process is an important thing in the university because there are 3 persons that evaluate your acquired knowledge, first each student evaluate himelf, secondly Co-Assessment it means that the workgroup evaluate the student, finally the teachers.

It is difficult to locate information about the university in English.

UNIEDPA is in Panama.

The UNIEDPA web site is at http://www.uniedpa.com/home.htm

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