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UNIACC (Universidad de las Artes, Ciencias, y Comunicaciones, University for the Arts, Sciences, and Communication, University for the Arts, Sciences, and Communication) supports distance and online degree education.

The institution’s main office is in Santiago, Chile and UNIACC has over 3,000 students across three campuses "interconnected by multimedia technology", and offers 31 Academic Programmes, Diplomas and Masters.

It is certified by the Council of Higher Education in Chile. In 2008 it was purchased by the American company Apollo Group, parent company of the University of Phoenix, US.

UNIACC University, as the creator and pioneer of Special Degree Programs, has developed a program of General Education Bachelor in e-learning (combined with face-to-face sessions) especially designed for people who need to achieve a college degree.

UNIACC has its own Radio and TV Station (channel 34 on VHF band), which broadcasts educational and recreational programmes. It offers a fully online Virtual Campus with a Modern Technological Platform of Distance Learning called eCampus. 18 online courses across 6 majors are provided.

The UNIACC web site is at http://www.uniacc.cl/index.asp (Spanish) and http://uniacc08eng.uniacc.cl/ (English) and its e-learning platform is at http://elearning2.uniacc.cl.

Source: the UNIACC web site at http://uniacc08eng.uniacc.cl/

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