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The Open University (OU) is the largest university in Europe, with around 200,000 students. It offers educational opportunity and promotes social justice by providing high-quality university education to all who wish to realize their ambitions and fulfill their potential. Nearly all students are studying part-time, with about 70 per cent of undergraduate students in full-time employment. There is no upper age limit, and no formal academic qualifications are required for undergraduate courses. Through academic research, pedagogic innovation and collaborative partnership it is a world leader in the design, content and delivery of supported open and distance learning.

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The initiative is headquartered in Milton Keynes, which is in United Kingdom, in the region of England.
The initiative is led by The Open University.
Latitude and longitude = 52° 1' 30" N, 0° 42' 28" W

ISCED levels = 4;5;6
The initiative is of type OER
The hashtag is openukoec

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Facts about "UKOU - OEC"RDF feed
Has cityMilton Keynes +
Has coordinates52° 1' 30" N, 0° 42' 28" WLatitude: 52.0249834
Longitude: -0.7078727
Has countryUnited Kingdom +
Has hashtagopenukoec +
Has ownerThe Open University +
Has regionEngland +
Isced4 +, 5 + and 6 +
ItypeOER +