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Temporal aspects of benchmarking

Benchmarking should not be viewed as a process which takes place once and once only. Rather, there should be re-benchmarking from time to time, not necessarily annually, but at regular intervals - for example, timed to coincide with the start of the review process for a learning and teaching strategy.

Thus it is possible to conceive of each criterion or indicator score having a path through time. (Assuming that the benchmarking methodology has not changed and that the criteria used are still under consideration.) This is called its trajectory.

Note that there are other dimensions than the time dimension in which criteria can vary. In particular there is the slice dimension - whether the criterion is being scored at institutional level or at slice level - or even at a subslice. There is also a breadth dimension - whether the criterion is being scored at the e-learning level or at the level of all IT or all learning and teaching (the superslice) - or perhaps even at a sub-level of m-learning or distance e-learning.


In MIT90s there is another use of "trajectory", to mean path to alignment. It is better not to use trajectory in that way.

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