The Global university system

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The global university system is a network of networks formed in particular by higher education institutions, but also by other organizations which share the same objectives of developing cooperation based on solidarity and partnership and aim to improve the global learning and wellness environment for people in the global knowledge society, where global responsibility is shared by all. This project should help to establish CampusNet; it was funded by Japanese government.

The mission of GUS is to help higher educational and healthcare institutions in remote/rural areas of developing countries to deploy broadband Internet in order to close the digital divide. Learners may take courses from different member universities, obtaining their degree from the GUS, thus freeing them from being confined to one academic culture of a single university or country. These institutions also act as the knowledge center of their community for the eradication of poverty and isolation. Those institutions affiliated with GUS become members of the GUS/UNESCO/UNITWIN Networking Chair Program.

GUS continues existing, and it’s located at University of Tampere in the research centre. They have developed several projects; you can find some of them at: