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Pilot Phase

There were three consultancies supporting the UK Higher Education e-learning Benchmarking Exercise in the Pilot Phase with each one supporting four universities.

  1. Professor Peter Chatterton
  2. Professor Paul Bacsich
  3. ACU/OBHE Team

Phase 1

In Phase 1, support was slightly reorganised into two teams, the ACU/OBHE team and a virtual team - BELA - combining Professor Paul Bacsich and Professor Peter Chatterton augmented by two further consultants, Dick Hill and Bruce Carter. The OBHE team was augmented by Cliff Wragg.

ACU/OBHE supported their own approach and BELA supported Pick&Mix, ELTI and MIT90s.

The blog posting e-Benchmarkers in Waiting - FAQ 6 gives a list of the institutions using each methodology and thus the teams supporting them

Phase 2

In Phase 2, support follows the general line of Phase 1. Of course the membership of the OBHE and BELA teams was slightly adjusted to reflect changing circumstances. In particular, David Kay has joined the BELA team, which welcomes his experience with eMM in Scottish FE.

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