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The Tasmanian eSchool is the Tasmanian Department of Education online learning provider, offering educational programmes and online courses for students from Kindergarten to Year 10 (K-10) based on the Tasmanian/Australian Curriculum.

The Tasmanian eSchool can be the base school and students can enrol in the Tasmanian eSchool either full time or on a dual basis with another school. All students are taught using blended learning, which mixes a range of learning opportunities, e.g. online, face-to-face, in the community and at home to achieve curriculum diversity and to promote student enthusiasm.

For the last decade, the Online Campus and CELO Online have provided highly innovative tailored online enrichment and curriculum extension to many thousands of students in schools across Tasmania.

Its website is http://education.tas.edu.au/tasmanianeschool/Pages/Home.aspx

More Details

Students from Kindergarten to Year 10 can access Tasmanian eSchool courses. In addition, some VET courses are available to Year 11/12 students in rural district high schools. VET courses are delivered through partnership arrangements between the Tasmanian eSchool, the relevant Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and a number of rural district high schools. Qualifications are issued by the relevant RTO.

Click and Bricks Programs (Primary and Secondary)

This pilot programme is based at the eSchool southern campus. It offers a mix of Blended Learning opportunities, which combine small face-to-face classes (bricks) with integrated online support materials and activities (clicks). Students have access to an eSchool-guided online course with the opportunity for enrichment through participation in hands-on workshop days at the Howrah campus.

Courseware from Florida Virtual School (*FLVS)

The Tasmanian eSchool has licensed several courses from the internationally renowned Florida Virtual School (FLVS),


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