Tae Rim Lee

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Dr. Tae Rim Lee has worked for 25 years in the fields of Lifelong Learning at the Korea National Open University (KNOU) and was a former director of the KNOU e‐Learning Center. She is a biostatistician, and in this role was former president of the Korean Biometric Society (the Korean region of the International Biometric Society) during 2004‐2008, and now the president of the Korean Society of Public Health Information Statistics and also of the Korean Classification Society (a member society of the International Federation of Classification Societies). In her e‐learning activities, she was program organizer of the Asia‐Europe Meeting (ASEM) e‐Learning ICT Colloquium in 2006 which took place with 27 countries in Seoul. She was the coordinator of the e‐ASEM Network (a follow up to this Colloquy) from 2004 ‐ 2007 and is an ASEM‐ASEF education Hub Advisory member and advisory member of UNESCO Education for All. During her term as director of the KNOU e‐Learning Center, she became president of KUACE (Korea University Alliance for Cyber Education) with 89 universities nationwide in Korea. She has published books on many aspects of statistics including Exploratory Data Analysis, Statistical Packages and Data Mining.

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