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The TAFE Virtual Campus (TAFE VC) is an Online Learning and Information Portal for the Victorian TAFE System in Australia.

The TAFE VC web site is at http://www.tafevc.com.au


TAFE VC an established state-funded virtual learning platform offering a range of e-learning products and services to a diverse group of students and organisations including TAFE, ACE, registered training organisations, industry and enterprise, schools and Government agencies. The products or services that they offer to the universitary community are:

  • Blackboard Learning system.
  • The Learning Edge (Equella): is a solution for creating and managing e-learning content; including searching, aggregation, manipulation and structuring of learning material for educational professionals.
  • Horizon Wimba Voice Tools: it combines real-time (synchronous) vocal interaction with prerecorded (asynchronous) vocal content. It is a tool for group or peer-to-peer communication.
  • Voice Direct enables students and teachers to fully engage in real-time, online, vocal communication, which can be recorded and archived for future references as required. Instructors can conduct lectures, conferences, discussions and debates, and keep virtual office hours for one-to-one conversations with students.
  • Horizon Wimba Live Classroom: Is a virtual classroom software that combines state-of-the-art interactive technologies such as voice, application sharing, polling and whiteboarding. It enables teachers to add greater interaction to their online delivery and to foster better communication with students.

All of these tools works together with the Blackboard system.

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