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There is an increasing amount of attention around the world being put into how to maintain continuity of teaching in schools and universities if a country becomes so seriously affected by Swine Flu that institutions have to close. On this page we try to collect references to key articles.

In some countries, there has been a lot of hysteria in the press and media, which universities have tried to counter.

Experts (for example at the PPP SIG) advise that - in the still unlikely even that universities have to close (though it has happened in some countries in the southern hemisphere) - those universities will cope best who already have systems (VLEs, podcasting, social networking etc) in place to deliver and support e-learning at scale; but that it is too late to install systems to do this in the next few weeks - if only because of the staff training and support needed. Podcasting (including lecturecasting) is one of the ways that are useful but not the only or even the best way to use podcasting, especially in institutions with no tradition of using this approach.

References and Further Reading

The most recent publications are listed at the top.

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Related databases of advice

  1. US: ELATE, the Emergency Preparedness wiki - http://elatewiki.org/index.php/Emergency_Preparedness
  2. US: flu.gov: Updated Guidance for Schools for the Fall Flu Season (and a section for Universities and colleges) - http://flu.gov/plan/school/index.html
  4. UK: PPP SIG Wiki, Keeping in touch by podcast during the Swine Flu pandemic - http://podcastingforpp.pbworks.com/Keeping-in-touch-by-podcast-during-the-Swine-Flu-pandemic

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