Susanne Friz

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Forename Susanne
Surname Friz
Type Consultant
Country Germany
WPs 2, 4

Dr. Susanne Friz studied German and English at the Universities in Mainz and Munich and obtained an M.A. and a PhD from the Department of English Didactics at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich.

In 1991 she joined the Langenscheidt-Longman Publisher as an editor of schoolbooks for teaching the English language in schools.

Since 1993 she has been working for the FWU (Institut für Film und Bild in Wissenschaft und Unterricht gemeinnützige), as a product manager and pedagogical advisor for films, DVDs, CD-ROMs and New Media. That included the development of the concepts and the production of the media together with studios. Besides that, she’s been project manager in several projects - both German-national (SEMIS, TooLe, BMOD, Ikonothek) and international (Scalex, EURODELPHES, MELT, ASPECT etc.).

FWU is based in Grünwald, a municipality in the district of Munich, in Bavaria, Germany.

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