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In eMM, Support is the third of the five process categories.

Support covers processes surrounding the oversight and management of e-learning but not directly linked to pedagogic aspects.

In eMM version 2.3 there are 6 processes in Support, 4 focussed on student support and 2 on staff support. They are as follows:

S1. Students are provided with technical assistance when engaging in e-learning
S2. Students are provided with library facilities^ when engaging in e-learning
S3. Student enquiries, questions and complaints are collected and managed formally
S4. Students are provided with personal and learning support services when engaging in e-learning
S5. Teaching staff are provided with e-learning pedagogical support and professional development
S6. Teaching staff are provided with technical support in using digital information created by students^^

^ One should interpret library facilities in a broad sense.
^^ In order to understand S6 one should look at the practices.

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