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The Sunchild E-Learning Community was set up by/for the Sunchild First Nation.

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In common with many aboriginal communities the Sunchild First Nation' (Alberta) face specific social and educational challenges. The community (registered population approximately 1,200) has established a technology supported (using the internet, text messaging and telephones) distance learning programme to help address this.

Further information

Sunchild E-Learning is based on regular interaction between student and teacher and now offers a range of high school courses and some post-secondary with a clear focus on continuing education and/or employability.

"Students are expected to be logged into the computer during class times and can speak with the teacher at any time through text messaging or a microphone. In most cases, students work from a classroom environment where a Key Teacher addresses technical concerns and ensures student participation."

"The Sunchild E-Learning Community has met with remarkable success. In record numbers, students are re-entering the school system and staying in school. They're gaining valuable experience with computers, graduating and moving on to rewarding jobs or post-secondary education."

Sunchild E-Learning claims a level of education that is equal or superior to that of urban schools and increasing numbers of students. In 2010 Sunchild e-Learning was selected as the Regional Award Winner (the Americas) in the Global Best Awards.


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