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Stanford University (Stanford) supports online learning through a variety of initiatives.

Stanford is a private research university located in Stanford, California, US. Founded in 1885, it enrolls about 6,700 undergraduate and about 8,000 graduate students every year. It is considered one of the leading research and teaching institutions in the US.

The university is divided into a number of schools such as the Stanford Business School, Stanford Law School, Stanford School of Medicine, and Stanford School of Engineering.

The Stanford University Center for Professional Development is based in California, USA. It offers working professionals online courses from the Stanford University School of Engineering and related academic departments. Courses offered include part-time master's of science degrees; graduate certificates and professional certificates; and various individual non-credit postgraduate and professional courses. Courses are delivered completely online.

There is also a a fully accredited, diploma granting, online independent school situated at Stanford University, the the EPGY Online High School.

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