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He goes on to write that ‘users are concerned about issues surrounding their freedom of expression and privacy online. It is critical that government and Internet Service Providers in Poland focus on ensuring that users trust the Internet as a space for democratic expression, open communication, and access to trusted sources of information. The continued economic and social development of Poland depends in part on the vitality of the Internet, and inappropriate or over-regulation of the Internet could undermine that vitality. Too many users believe that government and corporations watch what they do online’.
''Sourced from: [ Blog of Professor William Dutton, University of Oxford, 2011]''
Many schoolbooks are now equipped with CDs that contains different multimedia interactive materials for students. A very interesting initiative is “Internet lining for schoolbook”. This makes materials for students and teachers available via the website of a publishing house. Materials are strongly connected with particular schoolbook, interactive and (mostly) dynamic ( retrieved on December 9th, 2009).
''Adapted from Source: [ E-Learning in Poland, Anna RYBAK, University of Bialystok, POLAND, 2010]''
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