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The highest level in openness gradation is public domain. This institution is strongly developed in United States, where authors and creators can abandon the property right and decide to put their works in public domain, which means that the works is public property and can be used in unlimited way. However, the Polish law system is much more restrictive. Works are transferred to the public domain after 70 years after the death of an author(s). This means that modern works will be a public property for our grandchildren. Currently in Poland, there are several projects of digital libraries which allow for easy access to works from the Polish public domain. For instance, National Library POLONA or the Polish resources in Gutenberg Project.’
''Adaped from Source: [ First Steps: promoting OCW in a New Context (Poland), Jan Markovic, Jan Kusiak, Karolina GrodeckeAGH GrodeckeAGH University of Science and Technology, Poland]