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Koc University - Coursera

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Partner in Coursera. Ko? Koc University is a leading liberal arts university, recognized globally for facilitating cutting edge research in its full collection of Colleges, including Administrative Sciences & Economics, Engineering, Natural Sciences, Humanities & Social Sciences, Law, Nursing and Medicine.<br><br>For details see <br><br>The initiative is headquartered in [[Has city::Instanbul]], which is in [[Has country::Turkey]], in the region of [[Has region::Istanbul Province]].<br>The initiative is part of led by [[Has owner::Koc University]].<br>Latitude and longitude = [[Has coordinates::41.2063150,29.0745780]]<br><br>ISCED levels = [[Has levels::4;5;6]]<br>The initiative is of type [[itype::MOOC]]<br>The hashtag is [[Has hashtag::koccsra]]<br>[[Category:Europe]][[Category:NWS Europe]][[Category:Turkey]][[Category:InstanbulIstanbul Province]][[Category:Turkish]] [[Category:MOOC]] [[Category:Coursera]]{{ifoot}}