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/* Téléuniversité du Québec (TéLUQ) */
Contact North/Contact Nord is Ontario's distance education and training network. It works to provide programming from public college, universities and schools with a focus in smaller towns, rural and remote communities. Contact North works with Ontario institutions to help develop strategic, cost-effective and focused approaches to online learning. CN/CN is attempting to create OER, modelling the BCcampus approach. They published a major position paper on OER, "[ Open Educational Resources (OER) Opportunities for Ontario]" which "set(s) out the case for the implementation of an Ontario OER initiative, noting their benefits for post-secondary education in Ontario. CN/CN has also published an [ OER primer as a video series].
==== Téléuniversité - Université du Québec à Montréal (TéLUQ) ====
[ TÉLUQ] has a policy on the dissemination of educational resources - [ Politique de gestion de la diffusion des ressources d'enseignement et d'apprentissage] (REA). These policies relate to learning content in general and could include OER, but are also designed for proprietary content. Because TéLUQ faculty retain the intellectual property of all original material they produce for teaching, institutional policy has limited impact on what professors do with their material outside TÉLUQ. The [ LICEF - Laboratoire en Informatique Cognitive et Environnements de Formation] is a research centre at TÉLUQ, which is hosting the [ Banques des ressources éeducatives en réseau (brer)], a repository of French language OER.