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/* Regional OER initiatives (Provincial OER initiatives) */
<div align="right">- Alberta Premier & Minister of Advanced Education and Innovation, David Hancock</div>
Previously, Alberta, without making direct commitments , has been actively supporting OER-related initiatives for several years. In 1999, the Campus Alberta Repository of Educational Objects ([ CAREO]) was funded to promote the sharing of open learning resources within Alberta. Unfortunately, these initiatives were not funded after the initial investment and eventually were closed. Another limited project that is still extant is the [ Alberta Core] (Collaborative Online Resource Environment) and the LearnAlberta.Ca site at the K-12 level. These are limited quasi-open initiatives, restricting the openness on some resources to provincial or institutional teachers similar to the BCcampus so-called [ BC Commons licence] (see below). [ CanCore Learning Metadata Resource Initiative] was yet another early open education initiative in Alberta, which resulted in the creation of metadata implementation standards for learning objects.
Through its [ Access to the Future Program], the Alberta Department of Enterprise and Advanced Education has been financially supporting OER initiatives at Athabasca University. These include a [ project to promote OER] within the university and search out and identify reusable objects for courses and support for the AU [ UNESCO/COL/ICDE Chair in OER], who is charged with promoting the use of OER institutionally, provincially, and internationally.