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/* National OER policies */
=== National OER policies ===
Even though Germany had raised a number of fundamental objections to the idea of OER in the OECD Country Questionnaire in 2011<"2">[ Link text], additional text.</ref>, the attitude in genral has changed since then and some national policies have taken place. In 11/2013, OER was even a topic in the CDU/CSU - SPD coalition agreement:
„Free digital teaching material must be strengthened by the state and the federal states. The basis for this is an educational and research friendly copyright law and and open-access-policy. The access to textbooks for schools and teaching materials for universities should be – as much as possible – free and the usage of free licences and formats should be strengthened.“
So, despite the fact that OER was not seen as an issue which was expected to become a policy priority in the near future, some action in that field have occured.