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/* Regional OER initiatives */
Here is a list of media portals of different states:
* '''Baden-Württemberg''': [ SESAM] includes teaching material, teachning teaching modules and photos. Teachers have to register. You can also find teaching modules created by teachers for the different subjects. They are all according to the curriculum of Baden-Württemberg.
* '''Bavaria (Bayern)''': [ mebis] includes digital media like films, audio, multimedia, pictures, maps, worksheets, texts etc. Al lot of material is OER, but not the films from educational TV and films from commercial producers. Teachers can also download most media, students can only stream it. Schools have to register first. Media from mebis can also be found and used in a moodle platform which is linked to the the media server.
* '''Berlin''': [ MOM - Medienforum Online-Medien] can be used by all schools in Berlin. Teachers can register and can use the media in the schools, but not outside. Exceptions are for preparing lessons at home and for students to use the media offline for homework.