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/* Regional OER initiatives */
=== Regional OER initiatives ===
Since the 16 federal states in Germany have nearly full control of the education system, most official OER initiatives are regional. All of the German federal states have a regional educational server (see list below). Berlin and Brandenburg have one together. Besides resource servers, some states also have media portals with speicif specific OER material.<br /> 
Here are the regional educational servers of the federal states:
* [ ELIXIER]is a search machine of metadata from the federal states' education servers. The educational servers of the federal states exchange their metadata. All these metadata linked to resources can be found in ELIXIER. ELIXIER devotes its work to OER material and there will be a special section only for OER material with CC.
* [ Baden-Württemberg]links to resources and material from other teachers for all subjects and school types ranging from Primary School, High School to vocational training. All material is supervised by an editorial staff consisting of teachers.
* [ Bavaria (Bayern)]
* [ Berlin-Brandenburg]