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Saudi Arabia

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'''''(This entry on Saudi Arabia incorporate the Re.ViCa/VISCED page on Saudi Arabia.)''''' ''Original Re.ViCa entry by [[Paul Bacsich]]. Updated ; updated to VISCED level by Nikos Zygouritsas''----''The report on Open Educational Resources in Saudi Arabia, by Manal Al Marwani, is currently on a separate page - [[OER in Saudi Arabia]] - which updates and expands the pages below >> full PDF version of that report (with pictures) is at [[Media:OER_in_Saudi_Arabia.pdf]] '''Eventually, before the end of the project, there will be one unified country page.''' 
== Partners and experts in Saudi Arabia ==
=== Universities ===
==== The Bologna Process ====
This is not directly relevant to Saudi Arabia.
== Administration and finance ==