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/* International and national OER initiatives */
The [ CEDEC (National Centre for Curriculum Development in Non privative operative systems)] was founded in 2009 as an agency of the Ministry of Education through the Institute of Educational Technology and the Junta of Extremadura. Its aim is to design, promote and develop digital educational materials through the use of free software and to made them available to the entire educational community.
[ The Virtual school of ParentParents] is a web portal for parents, aimed at supporting them in their role through useful documents and spaces for dialogue around the issues of children education and related problems. The portal include a specific session called “Escuela Virtual”, where materials can be downloaded and a forum is available.
[www.proyectoagrega.e The Agrega project] is a federation of learning Digital repository which is to be used by 19 educational authorities in Spain. Each educational authority will have its own repository loaded with curricular learning objects created according to standards, and each single repository will be able to integrate and interoperate with other learning systems locally and worldwide. The Agrega project has a clear focus on integration and interoperability between Agrega learning repositories and the rest of the world. Moreover, it is open to collaborative evolution based on a generic GPL licensing. It is the first step towards providing a nation-wide access to content generated by the education community in a consistent and interoperable way. Curricular content for Agrega is being developed under Creative Commons licensing schemes, can be experimented directly from a web site, offline or by an Learning Management System, and all the contents and application will be localised in Spanish, Euskera, Catalan, Valencian, Gallego and English.